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Piroctone Olamine - #antidandruff active ingredient

One in every three persons suffers from a problem related to their #hair. Whether it is #dandruff, #loss of hair, slow growth of hair or split ends, the masses are struggling to find a solution to their hair problems.

And in this search for the solution, they often find themselves looking at different shampoos and conditioners to solve the problem. The issue is that most people end up selecting famous shampoos and conditioners, which may not necessarily be the most effective ones.

The most effective are not usually the ones which are famous (as anything can become famous if it is marketed and advertised well), they are the ones that have the appropriate ingredients.

#Piroctone #Olamine is the answer to that question. And it is one of the main active ingredients in our shampoos.

What causes dandruff?

#Dandruff is caused due to fungal growth, excess sebum secretion and local inflammations. Often all these together cause dandruff. Moreover, when the scalp’s skin renewal process is impaired, the excess dead cells form clumps on the head and seem like visible flakes to the eye, which are termed as dandruff.

Excess sebum also acts as an ingredient for the growth of fungus on the scalp, which increases the acids on the scalp that cause irritation and itching. This leads to local inflammation, which enhances the growth of cells leading to the formation of flakes that seem like dandruff on the scalp.

The reason why shampoos with Piroctone Olamine can reduce and eliminate dandruff is that Piroctone Olamine is known to kill the fungus or the fungal infections that irritate the scalp. Moreover, Piroctone Olamine is also well known for reducing hair loss and promoting the growth of hair. Due to these many benefits, Piroctone Olamine is considered a #great #ingredient in shampoos.

Piroctone Olamine helps #treat dandruff. There is no natural alternative that comes close to being as effective as this.

So next time you go for shampoo shopping, take a look at shampoos with the right ingredients.

Have a look at our #Beer #Shampoo, which contain this ingredient - MR BEERSKIN DANDUFF-FIGHTING SHAMPOO.

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